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[RC] Special congrats to Biltmore 100 Rookies - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Mary Kornwolf mkornwolf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Can you believe Tuu Muchh (owned by Tom & Rita Swift) and 
rider Amanda Stewart were BOTH doing their 1st 100? They 
ended up 6th place at a VERY tough ride. 

Tuu Muchh wasn't even the horse originally planned for 
Amanda to ride...she showed wisdom beyond her miles when 
she pulled off the pace of the other 2 Swifts' horses 
early in the ride.  

I had decided to pull Shiloh at the 3rd VC (he'd lost both 
front shoes on the 2nd and 3rd loops and extended EZ boot 
usage had made him quite ouchy), but totally enjoyed being 
on the ground & able to trot out horses for tired riders.

I'll never forget the firey look in Tuu Muchh's eyes while 
I was trotting him out for the vets late in the ride - he's 
got what it takes for this sport!

If anyone out there knows Amy Johnson, she gets credit for seeing the promise 
of this off-the-track race Arab when she offered him to the Swifts to buy a few 
years back. I got to 
ride him at his first LD and confirmed his potential.

Two other horses/riders that impressed me were Karen Isaacs/
Jeb and Mike Bostic/Cougar. Jeb pulled Shiloh along on the 
3rd loop and I can speak firsthand, this horse books down 
the trail like nothing you've ever seen and climbs mountains 
like they're not there. Mike's speeded up a good bit since his
first 100 - no more turtles for Mike!

My condolences to all the fine horses and riders who didn't 
make it, especially late-ride pulls. 

After having the whole afternoon to chill at the trailer, 
Shiloh was perky and trotted sound before loading to go 
home 10 pm Sat night - what a relief to not have been caught 
in the hail storm and to trailer in the cool of night.

We'll be at the OD, which if anything could be hotter than Biltmore, and 
hopefully I'll show more sense and go SLOW for 
a change. Ciao from Mary in 90 degree VA

Personally, I shouldn't give a s--- where the other people on the course
are, and if I find myself starting to concern myself over this, I remind
myself that this is the first step on the road to overriding my horse and
tell myself to "knock it off!"  :)
~  Kat Swigart

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