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[RC] Biltmore: Complete 50 mile finish list/ rider comments - rides2far

Hey guys here's more stuff. Make sure you go to the bottom and read the
rider comments too!

This morning when I phoned John to give him the list of finishers I only
had 62 on my list of 50's but knew there were 84. We'd already left and
were headed to tour the big house so thought I'd get it faxed later. As
we left the mansion it just so happened we came out by the camp and the
timer was about the only person left our there taking down his awning. I
4-wheel drived it across a huge field, explained to him that I'd
apparently only gotten page one and could I *please* get a copy of page
two. He listened patiently, then pointed out to me that the rest of the
finishers were on the BACK of my sheet. :-P

So, I am *so* sorry they're late...here they are:

62 place  Sue Jackson on SAS Sultaun Coqok 8:17
63 Rebecca Neunzig on Magatas Mist 8:19
64 Sarah Neunzig Heartlight Delila 8:19
65 Kathy Neunzig Angelos Applause 8:19
66 Katie Wick Teekayoh 8:26
67 Stephanie Rice on Kasanovia 8:27
68 Bill Rice on Tashi Samr 8:27
69 Saryn McDonald Groh Calypso Jack 8:38
70 Jeannine Fenstad Tango 8:38
71 Irina Jocher FE Medieval Magic 8:41
72 Timothy Worden Knight of Morocco 8:41
73 Lara Worden Rapid Jazz 8:41
74 Pam Meadows Abad Cloud 8:46
75 Max Hipps King Ztar Warrior 8:46
76 Kelli Kirchner Starlite Amadeus 8:50
77 Robin Gorsuch Penny 8:50
78 Kellie Moore Spyder 9:02
79 Kelly Haslam Zeke 9:02
80 Karen Plyler HA Gariana 9:02
81 Pamela Freeman Elsaraada's "Pharoah" Freeman 9:17
82 George Macatee Shifty Joe Pine 9:31
83 Duane Weavil Cheyenne 9:43
84 Irving McNaughton TC Sparks 9:43

I really apologize for not getting this up when the rest went up. I would
have loved to have sent out messages about every horse not just the front
runners on the 100 but the confusion is amazing. Once the horses spread
out and are on different loops it's all you can do to even figure out
who's ahead of who. (Imagine watching a Nascar race with no commentator
to tell you who's on what lap) You'll notice I gave numbers on 25 or so
horses at first but finally had to drop those who were over an hour and a
half or so behind Stagg or we just lost our place. Even the P&R people
can't tell you who is in the lead since all the numbers are mixed
together. They were looking at my notes to see who was in contention.

The turtle, Irving McNaughton is in the photo gallery. Irving's a cool
guy. He's from Maine and just packs up his horse & dog and heads south
every winter just moving from ride site to ride site. We've adopted him
as our own for at least part of the year. I accidentally didn't label his
photo but it's a full length (I think) shot of an "aged" man with a (get
this) *gray Arab*. 

I made a mistake last night when I said Bev was out there. I think she
told me this morning that she was pulled at the 2nd check. Ran into a
group of the girls in cool international jackets this morning and got
this summery:

Carol Gile: pulled at 80, lame
Bev Gray: lame 2nd vet check
Suzanne Hayes- pulled early...I added "through no fault of mine!" and she
laughed and nodded
Sue Summers: pulled RO with a healthy horse that she wanted off of.
Becky Harris: finished. Comment: "tall,wet pad, 2:30, cold
Stagg- did last 19 miles alone, they were long ones, this is his horse's
home course and he was bored. Considered this ride prep for Old Dominion.
Not interested in doing the World in the Desert. Super's a mountain
Rita: Jayel Victor is from same breeder (Janice Leinhart) as Super. Said
she was "here to complete" on his first 100. Was very happy with him and
with her other horse, "Tu Muchh" that Amanda Stewart rode to 6th place in
what I believe was his first 100.

Michele Roush rode Priceless for Val. Said, "Super trail". As for Steve's
comments on the spelling. HONESTLY. Michele spent the entire weekend
looking over my shoulder as I wrote her name and forcing me to do it
right, as if I had time for such nonsense. >g< She obviously thought
(mistakenly) that I'd be able to actually read my scribbling which had
been rained on an run down the paper at 2 AM after 4 hrs sleep the
previous night. I think that's a tad picky. Mike Caudhill started calling
my husband, Bill, "Tommy" sometime Saturday night and we just adapted.
Bill now answers to "Tommy" and the girls simply nodded and never
attempted to correct Mike since they knew perfectly well who he was
saying needed to get a big shotgun now that they were maturing. :-) I was
actually very proud of myself to even get "Rouche" since I almost put
"Giles" every time.

At the ride meeting I passed around my tablet asking any rider who was
willing to give me a one or two line summary of their day. Here is what I

Tom Hutchinson, Maine: It was Prymtym's 1st 100 and despite rollovers on
trail, he finished at 1:15 AM looking great. (he slipped on trail)

Karen Isaacs: "I was very glad to complete because that gave my horse,
Jeb Stuart 500 career miles. (note from Angie...she also top tenned!)

Mary Vann Johnston: 1st junior: "I had a great ride, but I learned to
actually get off my horse when she decides to roll in the mud"

Amanda Hancock: "I had a fun time getting to know Katie and acrewing for
my Granny!"

Lucie Hancock: "An awesome ride! (6th in the 50)

DON'T TELL HAWK I RODE AN ARABIAN! (not signed but I can guess)

Katie Wick: "It's great to be competing again after a few years off.
Great ride!

Becky Supinger, VA "I found out that Electric the Wonder Horse can do
both cold and now HOT weather rides. 2nd 50, wait till he turns 6.

Nancy Sluys and Indigo Blue: The 1st 6 miles were awesome until my horse
tied up and had to be trailered back. Thanks to the great vet staff he is
recovering nicely...we'll be back.

Patricia Bullock: The top 2 finishers in the 50 are best friends and
always ride together and finish together. There are 3 of us but Rick lost
a shoe but still finished 8th.

Robin Farabee & Lunar Prince: A beautiful ride. Thanks Anne!

Alice Guff: Great Trails, Great Friends Awesome Trails. Thank You.

Rick Melloan: Best ride in the East. The hot weather made it a great
challenge. Fun Time.

Gail Zeck: A true endurance test-heat, humidity and hail-Biltmore has it
all! What an awesome ride.

RA Everett: To finish top ten in the 100 was an honor.

Roger Rittenhouse: First big (I think that said big) 50 finish. Great

Wendy Mancini: Technical trail is great -constant challenge.

Finished 32 of 100. (unsigned...Bob Walsh?)

Nina Barnett:  Horse's first 100 way to go Chewy! Almost quit twice after
almost getting struck by lightening, 24th in the 100.

Stan Wellman, father of Suzanne Solis (who finished the 100) "I had a
ball this weekend."

Iving McNaughton said "After I got through the heat on the "red 3" it was

Susan Kasemayer: Wet,  Nina Finished.

"Yes, Tamra, I *know* this isn't my *first* endurance ride" (unsigned,
contributed by a person who is quoting someone they heard in the vet
check >eg<)

Just trying to think of a few more images I wanted to pass on. Remember
everyone wondering what they could keep down on a 100 on a hot day, etc?
Well, the iron belly award goes to Suzanne Solis. I came in with
McDonald's for the kids and Suzanne was at her 93.5 mile hold. She downed
a "Big & Tasty" burger and an order of fries in 15 minutes and assured me
she had no problems afterward. :-)

I'm still downloading photos so you guys make sure you have a look at
them. You know my kids were worried I'd be on a hit list after writing on
the Sheik's car but it turned out they needed my criminal side today.
They'd locked themselves out of their camper and needed someone small to
climb in the window. So...I not only left my mark on his car, I'm now
guilty of breaking in! (photos to come) >g< If they read this, "Hey ya'll
are good sports and the kids love the hats". :-))


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