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RE: [RC] [AERC-Members] LD convention vote again - Howard Bramhall

These are all good points but I'd like to say something about the BOD's apparent lack of action in this arena. Do we really want different approaches to the LD based on which region one rides in? Wouldn't it be an improvement to have the rules apply to all of the regions universally, across the board, when it comes to the Limited Distance rides?

I think the first thing we should decide on is whether or not we're going to let the Limited Distance rides be considered as a competitive ride or treat it as a prequal to the real sport of endurance. In the past it seems that we have chosen the latter but, lately, as the number of riders grow in this distance, the BOD seems to be treading on this issue in such a careful manner that nothing is happening. NOthing but confusion and confliction.

If we're going to let the riders and ride managers decide everything, why on earth do we need sanctioning from AERC at all? If there is no standardization or set of rules that apply to all of the regions why have an organization that represents the entire country if the rules out west don't apply to the east (or vice versa). Might as well let the regional associations have the final say if we're going to be so different from one another.

I think we need to quit pussy footing around here. Some sort of action is necessary. Otherwise, seccession is more than a remote possibility. And, that would be a travesty to allow such a thing to happen over an issue like this. We don't treat true endurance this way and the limited distance rides shouldn't be treated like this, because of inaction, either. It's not fair to any limited distance rider for the BOD to avoid action on this issue and others relating to the LD set of rules.


From: "Jim Mitchell" <navion2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <AERCMembersForum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [AERC-Members] LD convention vote again
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 16:08:53 -0700

In response to my thoughts on AERC's role in the latest LD rule and rules in general Randy talked about growing the organization. To recap my earlier thought it was that AERC needs to not dictate every detail to ride managers. Randy even mentioned (quote from his post) and to represent the majority interests without disenfranchising the minority interests.
I believe you grow the organization by letting people decide what they want endurance to be. You don't grow it by disenfranchising a large west coast minority or possibly majority that want to make there own decisions on how to offer BC. Obviously there are a significant group opposed to this possible action by AERC BOD on the west coast. So why not let the riders decide by letting them choose the rides to go to? How does mandating this follow the goals of AERC which are to promote endurance riding, education, records, trails?
Currently the rules (9.2 and L9.2) say that the use of the AERC Best Condition system is optional with ride management. This applies to both LD and endurance. I believe this is the rule Maryben was referring to when she felt the Thursday night vote was moot. So if you want all riders to get judged under AERC rules for BC this must be changed for all distances.
Tevis does not use the AERC BC system, so will you require all LD rides to use the AERC system but not endurance rides? Or will you grandfather Tevis out but no others? I think it is easier to leave things alone and let the ride managers and the riders decide. (I seem to be repeating myself)

This recent thread is about one rule about LD rides, I do not mean to imply any preference on my part toward any distance's rules. My point and hope is to minimize the control AERC tries to have over ride managers and the many facets of a ride. I have been a business owner for over 20 years now, and everytime the government passes new rules to correct some perceived problem they just create more problems and stifle individuality. I am trying to influence AERC not to follow the same road all regulatory bodies seem to follow. That of becoming a body with so many rules and regulations nothing innovative happens. Less rules not more, let the sport grow in many directions, unpopular ideas (like not awarding an AERC LD BC) will die if no riders support them.
Funny I just read the VP message online, a big tent allows for individual freedoms.


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