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[RC] Long-acting sedative - CMNewell

I suspect the "month long" tranquilizer being mentioned was fluphenazine, and while it works for many people, I'd advise keeping it in reserve unless absolutely necessary.
It is not a benign drug.
It is a long-acting human anti-psychotic, and it can have some spectacular side effects.
They range from Parkinsonian tremors to extreme agitation of the literally climbing the walls variety.
I was investigating the use of the stuff some years back for a client's horse, and, after the second of 2 DVM behavior specialists whom I consulted essentially told me they wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole, I decided that I wouldn't go that route.
Reserpine doesn't work as long, but it is probably safer.
There are two forms of reserpine available-- a depot injectable, which can last a couple of weeks, and oral, which needs to be dosed daily.
The oral is probably the safer bet, as reserpine can cause explosive diarrhea, and you may need to decrease the dose.
Talk with your DVM before using either of these (you kinda need to any road; they're both Rx drugs.)
--CMNewell, DVM

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