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Re: [RC] re: Lead changes - Truman Prevatt

Personally I change diagonals about every 30 or 40 strides ( I even sometimes count the strides) or when we need to go around a curve. As far as canter leads about the same every 30 or 40 strides. Think it isn't important, I saw a TB race one time where the only reason the horse that won won was because it was being ridden by HOF jockey Jerry Baily and during the stretch run he did a flying lead change of the horse to put him on fresher legs and pulled ahead by a nose.


Cindy Collins wrote:
I'm sure there are many opinions, but hopefully all experienced endurance
riders will tell you how very important it is to change leads and trotting
diagonals.  If your horse is bending to the right, you should be on the
right lead, etc.  It will make a tremendous difference in your horses
athletic ability, balance and especially, longevity as an endurance horse.
 Typically horses only ridden on the same lead/diagonal eventually go lame
on that front leg.  Also, on straight-aways, just be sure to change back
and forth ever so often.  I highly recommend taking dressage lessons to
teach you and your horse how to be balanced and change leads/diagonals. 
Good luck.  Cindy

We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only

We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only

because in doing so we learn the truth about what cannot be imitated.


[RC] re: Lead changes, Cindy Collins