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[RC] 100 Mile Juniors - DreamWeaver

Here are more Junior stats, from the year 2000 thru 2003. http://www.aerc.org/Education_Max_Junior.asp
(soon the update will be there showing Ashley's 2nd 100, if it isn't already) Be sure to check the statistics at the very bottom of the page. There where three Juniors who rode two one day 100's each last year. Two on the same horse: Jordan Finley (PS) and Ashley Koehler (CT). The third, Samantha Thomson (SE) rode two horses.

Please let me know if you find any errors. If there is more than one ID on a rider then some of their history might not be included. I'll try my best to get this as accurate as possible. My email is: nvrider @ charter.net

In some cases, there are juniors who rode part of the year as a Junior and part as an unsponsored Junior. In those cases where I picked that up, I listed all of the 100's that rider did. I thought that was more fair, since in those cases the kids were 14/15 years old. If I missed some in those instances, let me know. In some cases you might only see a rider listed in bold, that is because they started a 100 as a sponsored Junior and did not complete, but did complete a 100 as an unsponsored Junior. I did not list the DNF riders, only the ones that completed. At the bottom of each year you will see the stats that show the # of ride starts. Two-day 100's were removed.

We already know that there is a significant decline in entries in one day 100 mile rides. I think we need to try harder to find ways to reverse this trend. It is less noticeable to those of us who are in regions like the West, where we have the Tevis (150 entries last year, way full this year), and Virginia City 100 (60 entries last year). What can we do?

I think that it is a remarkable accomplishment for any Junior rider to take on the challenge of even attempting a one day 100 mile ride. Congratulations to each and every one of them!

West Region

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