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Re: [RC] LD definition again?? - Chris Paus

LOL  I did a 25 like that last fall on my backup
horse.. and he's an AyRab.. my regular endurance guy
cut his leg a week before the ride..

My regular guy is 17 this spring, and as forward
moving as you want in a horse. My backup is  8, built
well, but just could care less about being in a hurry.
He doesnt mind if other horses pass him up. It was an
agonizing 25 mile ride.. I wore my legs out on his
sides, LOL..

On the plus side, his metabolics were fantastic
because he doesnt' worry about anything, LOL..

--- Sundaez@xxxxxxx wrote:
Has any of you ever done a LD on a slow, pokey horse
that does NOT want any 
part of it???? That is way more endurance in that
doing a 50 on a forward, 
willing horse!

Who cares what they call it anyway....but those that
have only done 50's on 
forward arabs cannot imagine how hellish it is to go
on non willing non arab 
breed...a 25 can seem an eternity. I'll do a 50 over
that any day! LOL

I call that ride my "blood and guts" ride.


"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres
It is how we "feel" deep inside that matters, cause each of us knows the
truth, regardless of how we try make it complicated.  It just isn't.
~ Frank Solano

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Re: [RC] LD definition again??, Sundaez