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Re: [RC] [RC] RideCamp -LDs. - Marinera

Barbara, In 1967 when I started the Castle Rock Ride I went to the Coe State 
Park Ranger and told him we wanted a 50 mile trail.  We went over some maps 
and he figured out the route.  Several of us, including Bud Neilson, Paul 
Scannell, Jean Jett and I think Sheila Manchester, pre-rode the trail in 
and we represented it as a 50 mile course which we assumed it was.  I was the 
only one in the group who had ever ridden an endurance ride and we were pretty 
much flying blind.  This was pre-AERC days; there was no such thing as a point 
system, mileage records, regions, etc.  If it was less than 50 miles, which in 
retrospect I think it was now that I have done many 50's. there was no 
intention to misrepresent the distance nor was the term "limited distance" in 
any of 
our vocabularies.  I don't think the course was ever actually measured, we 
looked at maps with the ranger and made guesstimates.
Actually the whole ride was somewhat of a disaster.  It was scheduled for 
April and a snowfall of 2 inches was enough to make the park ranger close the 
park to us.  Being not too bright when sending out the entry forms, I neglected 
to leave a place for phone numbers. So when it was canceled the day prior 
(Friday, the ride to take place on Saturday) I had no way to call off the 
already enroute.  I remember Pat and Donna Fitzgerald,  Cliff Lewis and about 4 
others from Nevada all drove 6 or 8 hours only to find out the ride was 
canceled.  We rescheduled for May and it went off pretty well, and the good 
from Nevada returned.

It was subsequent to these early rides, now proliferating at a rapid rate, 
that the AERC was formed in 1972 and the original definition of an endurance 
ride was that it be "not less than 50 miles." Since then the wording has been 
changed to "must be at least 50 miles...."
I have lots of pictures of that first ride and we are all in western saddles, 
blue jeans, cowboy boots and big smiles. The big smiles remain.  The rest are 
REAL endurance is reading the LD vs. Endurance thread/debate every 3
~ Heidi Sowards

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