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Re: [RC] rc Cheaters - John Teeter

> At 06:24 PM 4/27/2004, Truman Prevatt wrote:
> Isn't this a ride management issue?  .....

Our experience is similar to the one Truman describes.

I'd like to emphasize the "it's a ride management" side of the issue too. Our ride had a group of folks who came in 30 min or so after the first group of 3 finishers. They immediately usurping the finish area (timers/pr/vets etc) with the announcement that the first three riders had missed trail and were disqualified, couldn't show for BC, etc. totally confusing the vets and volunteers as well as the lead three riders.

Rather than boldly announcing the situation (and the solution!) to the world, it would have been MUCH better to inform ride management of the issue and let ride management work it out.

In our case, the leaders had done the correct trail and it was the complaining second group that had taken the wrong loop - it was rather disruptive to have riders take over the ride - and shouldn't happen.

If you think there are issues, discuss them with your fellow riders, but let ride management do their job rather than holding open court at the finish line:)


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