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Re: [RC] The start of a LD - Barbara McCrary

Not all rides have a controlled start, actually probably only a minority of them do.  No problem waiting for the rest of the horses to start a ride; any of us worried about our horses becoming fussy usually do wait for a while.  You may well catch others who have started before you, as your horse should be quieter and approach the trail in a more businesslike manner than the fussy ones.  At least you hope so.....
Barbara McCrary
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Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 2:31 PM
Subject: [RC] The start of a LD

I have only done 1 ride so far and the start was ?paced?  That is someone from Ride Management I assume led the LD horses for a while at a walk at the beginning of the race/ride  and then pulled away and let people do there thing.  

My question is are all rides like this?  If not then If I was to not start riding until 5 minutes or so after the start and let my girl get her ?heebie jeebies? out by letting her canter for the first 5 ? 10 minutes will I end up catching up to other folks or do most starts start pretty fast then pace down?


Thanks for any info.


Kathy R. - SE

[RC] The start of a LD, Kathy Ramspott