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[RC] Cheating - oddfarm

My husband, an 8th grade PE teacher & coach, says: "Cheaters never win &
>> winners never cheat,"

Alas, that is a nice homily, but in reality cheaters often do win.
Honest folks see such wins as hollow and meaningless, but cheaters
don't see it that way.


Joe Long
I don't know about that, Joe. I know a rider who cheated, possibly on every ride this person ever rode. I wouldn't have been able to prove it, but I know it happened. But, they only rode about 4 rides before the horse fell apart and they have not been seen since. That is a big loss. For the horse.
My daughter played soccer and girls soccer can get ugly. They played a team that cheated so blatantly and the parents encouraged it!!! Well, they won the game, but they lost any respect the club may have had for them. Again, a big loss.
So a cheater may win for the moment, but will lose respect forever.
Lisa Salas, Teh Oddf aRm