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[RC] Discolored Gums - Sharon Hinshaw

Hello all....allthough Renegade and I have been training for endurance rides for several years, we've only been in four 50's and one 25 LD. This year however my intention was to get serious about this sport and try to go to one 50 each month in the SE starting in May. We started the season at Leatherwood Mountains in the 25 and due to missing a well marked split in the trail and not realizing it (totally my fault and cost us at least 40 min as we turned around and went back to the split) we were over time by 7 minutes. This is a very difficult ride so I felt great that we finished in good shape He vetted well with all A's and no problems. 
Everything has been going well since then until about 2 weeks ago. After an interval training session (same as usual) his heart rate hung at 60 for several hours (very unusual). He is always down in 10 minutes. No associated symptoms could be found. After a shot of Banamine, rate within 30 minutes was down to 38 (normal is 40 for him). No after effects except his stool has been like a cow paddy ever since, new spring green grass??? Anyway on the last three rides he has not wanted to take the bit so yesterday checked his mouth for possible gum or tooth problem and found that his gums are light purple in color from around the wolf teeth area back on both sides. I've never seen anything like that and his gums were normal at the Leatherwood ride. And during the heart rate incident I only checked cap refill at the front so it's possible I didn't see it if it was there then. Does anyone have any experience with discolored gums?? The color gets darker toward the back and normal pink toward the front. He seems fine in all respects except the cow paddy stools, eats well and does not seem to be in pain. Once the bit is in his mouth it doesn't seem to hurt either but it sure looks like it would hurt! Vet will be out on Thursday to check this and health in general as I've been uneasy since the heart rate incident. Took some digital pictures of the gums today in case it gets worse or better before our vet comes and watching him very closely. BTW none of the other horses in his pasture have any gum problems. Please, any ideas? This is more than a little scary...thanks so much!!  Sharon Hinshaw and Renegade