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Re: [RC] trail judges, etc. - Chris Paus

So true, you know  locks only keep honest people honest... if someone really wants to cheat bad enough... sigh...   reminds me of the Paradise Cup that Robin Kurtz used to put on.. she reminded everyone not to cut trail... one one meadow loop, you rode around some trees to a big field and there hanging from a tree was a effigy of a rider with a noose around his neck.. and the sign reminded us of what happens to trail cutters at that ride, LOL.... chris

Ed Kilpatrick <whytrotfarms@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
like angie,  i did million pines and never heard any rumors about someone cutting trails.  i have done rides before where such accusations were made, and it got all over camp in a hurry.  lets face it though, such a thing could happen.   ride managers try to do their best about checking off riders on the trail, but if someone wants to cut trail bad enough, they might find a way.  and for the rest of the riders, who are riding their ride,  it is not easy to keep up with others and know for sure where they are and what they have done.  i had this thought recently about an alleged, notorious trail cutter, who might just be the victim of rumors, or might be the real thing.  i thought i might just take it upon myself to follow this person, for the entire ride.  just kinda hang back and watch and see if i can catch them in the act.  it might be fun.  maybe take my camera with me, you just never know.  :-)     ed

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres
[RC] trail judges, etc., Ed Kilpatrick