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[RC] Full front or shoulder skims for skito/sportsaddle - Karen Casemier

I'm interested in trying some shim pads for my sportsaddle/skito combo. I'm finally at the point where I'm getting some real trail rides in, and think it may help with the saddle sliding forward. The price on the additional padding is pretty reasonable, so I won't be out much if I don't get any benefit from it.

Note that my mare ends each ride with even sweat patterns, shows absolutely no sensitivity on her back when I palpatate after each ride, and has gotten a much better attitude about the whole saddling process, so I do think the saddle is working for her. The only reason I'd like to try to add the pads is because she has very broad, round shoulders with hardly any wither, and the saddle tends to slide forward (this happens with any type of saddle on her, and I'm currently using a V-rigging system, which helps, but doesn't prevent the problem. I also plan on adding a crupper). I also think it might make things a little more comfy for me - I'm perfectly balanced in two point at the canter, and well balanced at a relaxed trot, but am having a bit of a problem keeping my leg under me when she does her best impression of a sewing maching at the start of a ride.

Any suggestions? I see that I can either get shoulder shims or a full front pad, and I'm not sure which to try.


Karen and Mazzie, who really seems to like her sportsaddle!

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