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[RC] seat length re women/posting/etc - Ridecamp Guest

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I think most horsefolks,especially female,should think more often about having 
equipment that accomodates them,and put a little less effort into making their 
bodies learn a technique to accomodate equipment which may be wrong for them.If 
a saddle selection(or modification) is BETTER for you,you'll know it,right 
away.I am thinking especially here of the overall seat length. Truman once 
warned me about being diplomatic on this topic,and I am a gentleman,so here 
goes: ladies need more booty space,aft from the stirrup hanger,than men. If 
that space is lacking,riding lessons be damned,you are never going to be able 
to sit DOWN into that horse;you will be always "hovering" and stuggling with 
balance.And Remember: seat length size numbers are MEANINGLESS,except when 
comparing two otherwise identical make and model saddles.(For example,if two 
different make saddles,of (nominally)the same seat length, have their stirrup 
hanger in different fore-aft positions,the seat lengths will not really be the 
same.)You just gotta buy 'em and try 'em.Used saddles are a fine thing!

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