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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Racing - heidi

If the south really is like that, perhaps Lincoln was wrong to object to


It has been my experience that almost all non endurance folk are happy
to comply with reasonable firm, but polite requests in the woods and
fields of the Northern part of our great country.

That's been my experience as well, Ed.  A friendly discussion about what
is going on and a willingness to give directions to somewhere else
suitable for them to go usually has them happy to oblige and asking
questions about the sport.  (Invariably the "how many days does it TAKE
you to ride 50 miles" question... <g>)

Our area was originally settled by southerners who lost all they had in
the War Between the States and came west to seek their fortunes.  (That's
why we have places around here with names like Atlanta, Leesburg,
Gibbonsville, and Dahlonega Creek.)  If I didn't know better from my
travels to the South, I'd suspect from Howard's posts that all the real
genlemen came West...  ;-)


Locks do not prevent theft, they only deter those in doubt.
~ Robert Morris

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