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Re: [RC] Awaiting Baby - Chris Paus

We're starting the foal watch here too. One of my
mares is due April   30, but I'm pretty sure she'll go
a couple weeks early...

every mare and every pregnancy is different. This
particular mare has had one foal early, her first, and
one foal late, her second. This will be her third. My
other mare has foaled early, late and on time!

Both mares will start the bagging up process about 3
weeks before foaling. About 3 days before foaling
their udders get really big and heavy and they start
dripping milk, so much that their legs get sticky!
That's when I know a foal is imminent. Of course,
either of these mares could surprise me and foal
without   dripping first, but this has been their

--- Beth Bennett <endurance4me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all!

Well, the waiting game is on.  My mare Paanache is
due at the end of April, 
but I swear I think she'll go earlier.  This is her
first foal, but she is 
already bagging up and dripping colostrum (I think).
 It is yellowish sticky 
stuff right - at least that's how I remember it to
be in humans.  Bless her 
heart she just stands there eating her hay and
groaning.  Man do I remember 
that feeling.

Here's a question for all those who have experience
in breeding.  How many 
have had maiden mares foal early/late/on time?  I
know that every horse is 
different, as is every foaling experience.

The anticipation is just killing me!  I'm going to
start sleeping in the 
barn this weekend I think.  Does anyone have any
suggestions about how to 
ensure that you actually witness the birth?  You
guys can email me privately 
if you want, as I know that this subject has been
belabored in the recent 


Beth Bennett, Paanache and fetus
Chickamauga, GA

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[RC] Awaiting Baby, Beth Bennett