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Re: [RC] Girth Galls - heidi

My experience is that neoprene girths work for my horses.  I also helped
the girth stay 1/2 " back from the elbow on one horse by using a
crupper.  Differently rigged saddles are another possibility.

I've had the opposite experience, as the only two horses I've ever had
with major girth galls have gotten them due to being allergic to the

I'd sure suggest checking into different rigging--something more "center
fire" than what you are riding.

If your horse has an upright shoulder, though, or a rib cage with the
"notch" too far forward, then the crupper may be necessary.  Horses with
really good shoulders and with saddles rigged closer to the center often
have several inches of clearance between the girth and the elbow.


Riding alone is when you teach a horse all the "tools" and "cues" he needs
to handle the trail, to hold a speed, deal with hills, etc. It's also where
you develop the "bond" that causes him to "defer" to you before losing his
~ Jim Holland

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