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Re: [RC] [RC] [natrc4] Re: fear (long) - Alice Yovich

At 11:36 AM 4/7/04 -0400, Laurie Durgin wrote:
Were you cantering when this happened? What  kind of saddle do you ride? 

yes, and I ride in a dressage saddle a wintec 500. I just finished shopping for a saddle after riding western for awhile (didn't fall off it, but never really felt secure either) and using a bob marshall that didn't work for either of us.  I haven't noticed that I feel any less secure in this saddle b/c the position is so much better.

 Some things you are taught can be counter productive. LIke if they teach the  jam your heels down, it locks up your ankle and makes you pinch your knees.

I don't have a "jammed down" heel. I'm always fussed about it my lessons, so I suspect that's a safe bet that I'm not doing that. I sometimes I have to think about it to keep my heels level or low.  I try to use my dressage lessons/background to help give me focus for schooling.

  I have noticed at the (all of 3 ) rides I volunteered at , that some of the tendencies  seemed to be: hunching(roach back) which really makes you off balance, knee pinching, which tightens everything and makes a nice pivot to fall , posting off your feet, instead of thighs,alot of collapsing a hip to one side or the other.Looking down  with neck and head pitched forward(probably watching the trail, but it does make you tippy.

I can identify with the collapsed hip the most I think. I always fall off hte left, so it's a good bet I'm hanging off that side a little too much.

  Heres' to hoping you eat less dust.


    >From Laurie who bit the dust yesterday while mounting;  'retraining' her spooky mare to let me on (only took 2 hours;0).!!!!!!!!

Alice Yovich,
NATRC Reg. 4, Texas

Re: [RC] [RC] [natrc4] Re: fear (long), Laurie Durgin