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Re: [RC] rattlesnake season - Chris Paus

wow. how scary!!!.. ugh... we have a lot of
copperheads around here to watch out for...

--- Rosalie Marley <rosalie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sometimes I wonder why I read all these "what if"
articles.  Last 
night I got to use some of that info!  

The neighbor's 2 year old filly was bitten by a
yesterday, in her corral.  The neighbor was saddling
another horse 
when she heard a weird sound - it was the filly
trying to breathe! 
She was swollen from lips to eyes, including her
tongue.  She called 
her brother and sister in law, both vets, and they
told her to ice the 
wound (front of face a few inches above the
nostrils) and since she 
had a tube of banamine, give 3/4 of that. She wasn't
sure if the filly 
swallowed much of it  though.

She called us for ice, and we ran some over to her. 
The horse would 
stagger around, trying to breathe, then get quiet,
then rear and 
strike.  Not very safe for holding ice on her nose! 
I got her to give 
me some garden hose and vaseline and we took a
couple 6-inch sections 
and gently pushed it into her nostrils.  Because of
the rearing and 
striking, we put a rope around one front leg below
the knee and held 
onto the two ends with some tension.  She didn't
rear so high 
or strike to far that way.  Finally, with the hose
in her nose, she 
was able to breathe!  Occasionally, she'd shake her
head or rear and 
they would fall out, so we'd replace them.  Then we
noticed she was 
breathing ok without the tubes, so we quit bugging
her with them.

We live about an hour away from town, so it took
awhile for the vet to arrive.
When he did, he gave 3 shots - tetanus, steroid (for
swelling) and some painkiller (I 
think banamine, but I'm not sure).
In a few minutes, she seemed a lot better.

The vet (he's also our friend and vet too) seemed to
think the hoses were a 
bad idea - yet every article and website I've seen
says to do this.  Any ideas?
Would she have been ok without them? 

The weather just got warm a week ago, so I'm
guessing the venom is 
pretty potent right now.


Rosalie Marley
Ride the Tiger!

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres
They're athletes! This is a partnership between horse and rider - we don't
have any jockeys out there, just pals and partners. We'd allow a rider with
a broken foot, a sore back and a nasty cold to compete - but we would never
let a horse in a similiar condition hit the trail.
~ Dr. Barney Flemming DVM

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[RC] rattlesnake season, Rosalie Marley