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Re: [RC] tethering a puller? - Ed & Wendy Hauser

I know how to prevent a puller (train 'em soon after birth like Robert
Miller advocates), I know lots of old fashioned cowboy methods (belly ropes,
war bridles etc.) but what do some of the "natural horsemanship" grues say
is the best method to reform a dedicated puller?

Disclaimer: "natural horsemanship" is in quotes because I prefer "resistance
free training".  I also am a firm believer in it most of the time, but
sometimes modification of older methods is called for.

I fully agree with high lines.  Both the high point of attachment , and the
give tend to discourage pullers.  However, in the '70's I did have a
"reformed" puller flip herself upside down on a high line when scared by a


*A "collywobbles" is an evil sprite that only horses can see.  They take
great delight in scaring horses.  They inhabit all areas of the world, but
are most prevalent around horses.  While they are most active in March, they
are in evidence all year long.

Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875


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