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Re: [RC] tethering a puller? - Jeannie Gillen

Been there, done that.....mine did better on an overhead tie line and a
bunge type lead rope.....much better....the "give" of the bunge gave him
time to realize he didn't need to panic...

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Subject: [RC] tethering a puller?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a horse that pulled when tied and what you
did when they were tethered at an over night ride? I just got this horse in
Jan. and he will stand ok with a benice halter and a good rope and a solid
post but I am afraid of what he will do on a tether. We camp often and will
be going to overnight rides. By tether I mean a rope between two poles or
trees tied over head with a knot elimanator. We use a strong rope but I am
not sure if it will hold him if he throws back and don't want to find out in
the middle of the night. Any suggestions are appreciated. {He is an Arab and
very smart}Thanks pattie h.

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with that "saddle horse" or "trail horse" of YOURS!
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