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Re: [RC] The Great Vitamin Debate--attn. Susan - heidi

year my biggest surprise was that my grass hay was 18% protein - much
higher than I'd like.  I didn't think grass hay could have that much
protein, but the lab said it was because it was early cut hay.  I'll buy
mine a little later in the season this summer.

Are you sure they weren't referring to hay being cut early in its growth
cycle, rather than to which cutting?  Alfalfa, at least, tends to get
richer as it gets later in the year.  Grass hay has high protein when it
is growing rapidly.  The problem with cutting it later is that all of the
digestible nutrients tend to fall off with maturity.  The tonnage goes up,
but the feed value of the hay goes into the cellar.


You don't have to be a 100-mile rider or a multi-day rider to be an
endurance rider, but if you want to experience the finest challenges our
sport has to offer, you need to do both of those.
~ Joe Long

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