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Re: [RC] [RC] Knee galls (mine!)--need advice - Laurie Durgin

I have webers on my aussie enduarance saddle, it is rigged like an english saddle..I made 'fake fleece' tubes for them, I also added a loop of ribbion at the top of the tube, that goes over the stirrrup bar, so the tube can't slip down.(funny, I had the aussie leathers, but they kept my feet too far forward, were stiff, and were too much of a production to adjust.I also have Easy ride stirrups and have to adjust my sti rrups higher too. I also have a Wintec Ap 2000( for sale by the way on the classifieds) and I get pinched sometimes in it. But then I don't have tubes on it. But it may be the stirrup length or where the bar is. Funny ,cause I never get bruises or pinched in my aussie and it has stirrup bars too.
It could be the Equisuede maybe? I used to like the grip of it,but after my aussie w/a fleece cover,I found it affected my ability to post, and it sure made my jeans (stretch) ride up bad.Yet I can ride in them in the aussie w/ no riding up problem. So maybe the equisuede is 'grabbing' your fabric on your 'tights"? But if I ride in my lycra homemade tights ,they don't ride up. So it may be the saddle grabbing too.A seat saver, or lycra and tubes may all work. Laurie

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Subject: Re: [RC]   Knee galls (mine!)--need advice
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 14:43:08 -0700 (MST)

> It could also be your new stirrups are putting your foot and leg in a
> different alignment with the leather than English Irons do and that
> might be causing the weber to hit your knee at a different location.
> Might try the irons for a training ride and see if that helps.

Had the same problem all last year with the irons.  The only thing that
changed at this ride was that one leg was worse than usual and one was not
as bad--which means I was not riding symmetrically.  (I galled far more
evenly last year--better equitation... <g>)


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