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Re: [RC] [RC] Bummed and Injured - Truman Prevatt

No Howard, it's looking at you in drag!


Howard Bramhall wrote:
I resemble that remark!  This time of year, we've converted to a Southern version of Long Island Iced Tea; too hot already for coffee.

You'd rather clean your bathroom than hang out with us?  Was it something we said?  lol.

Helda, the unshaven Drag Queen

From: Ridecamp Guest <guest-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Bummed and Injured
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 17:06:20 GMT

Please Reply to: Sam Nuttsabouthorses@xxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracey, I am sorry to hear about your injury. You could always go down to Florida and drink coffee with those biddes and cause trouble. But then again, I think, I would rather clean the bathroom and thats pretty darn bad! We all hope you are able to get back into the saddle again real soon.


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~  Frank Solano

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We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only

We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only

because in doing so we learn the truth about what cannot be imitated.


RE: [RC] [RC] Bummed and Injured, Howard Bramhall