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Re: [RC] Mares In foal - heidi

She is due June 6th (that
will be 340 days) and still doesn't really look pregnant.  My 26 y.o.
barren mare has as much belly as Beeper does.  Maybe it will be a
small foal, or she might go a lot longer.  I worry a little because
she doesn't look pregnant. So I keep Bermuda grass hay in front of her
all the time, feed her a flake of Alfalfa each evening, and just
started 1/2 scoop of Equine Sr. morn & evening.  Hope this diet is ok.
 She isn't thin at all and not really fat (at least not to me).  If
anyone can suggest a better diet, I love to hear about it.

I've got one mare who is on her 4th pregnancy and still looks like school
girl until about 3-4 weeks before she foals.  And I've had old mares that
had had several babies that looked due tomorrow when they are open... 
They're all different, just like people...

I might add a balanced vitamin/mineral supplement to the above, and
depending on your area, add some selenium...


It is how we "feel" deep inside that matters, cause each of us knows the
truth, regardless of how we try make it complicated.  It just isn't.
~ Frank Solano

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