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Re: [RC] parelli, clinton anderson, dennis reis, natural horse, training, e... - DVeritas

In a message dated 3/30/2004 2:13:40 AM Mountain Standard Time, paus@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Anyway, the things I say here are MHO and MHO only.
Feel free to disagree with me. I just know what I've
learned in 40+ years of horsekeeping and how little
that is compared to what there is to know!
      I like your opinions regarding this subject.
      I like how you draw from so many different sources.
      I like how you consider the horse in such a "real" way, as something more than to "influenced" by Pavlovian imperative and mindnumbing drilling.
      I think horse behavior and its understanding is key in the successful training of horse and riders of thoses. 
      Influencing the horse in a way it can understand us is, IMO,  true horsemanship...because then, the horse will truly be responding to our requests and not to the "tapping" on its highly receptive psyche.  At that point, the classical methods really pay the dividends, as do quiet times together in the trees or the hills.