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Re: [RC] parelli, clinton anderson, dennis reis, natural horse, training, etc. - Chris Paus

You are right, Ed. I am no authority on horse training
and no authority on clinicians. I only know what my
own experience has been and can share only that with
other people. They can take that experience or leave
it as they choose.

I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. I've owned the
John Lyons tapes and have subscribed to his magazine
and have seen him in a clinic setting. I've also seen
Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Linda TJ, Pony Boy and
others. I have an autographed photo of Pony Boy along
with a personal note he sent me because he read
something I wrote that he liked. I live in Harry
Whitney country. My farrier is a good friend of

As I said before, I've gleaned some good bits of info
from all of them. I've also learned alot from a
classical horseman who has been to the Spanish Riding
School in Vienna and taught me and Star some of the
basics of classical training.

I like that the NH trainers are getting people to
think of horses in a different way and because of
them, a lot of people are abandoning some of the more
heavy handed methods of training..

OTOH, people need to learn not to follow any one
person blindly. As I said about the clinic last
weekend, I don't want my trail horse to be BLINDLY
obedient. i want her to be able to think on the trail
and alert me to situations that I may not recognize.

In the same vein, I want my riding students to learn
to think for themselves, to recognize what is good for
their horses and themselves and not do everything I
say or do just because I say so. My goal is to give
them the basics so they can develop their own program
of training and riding in their distance careers and I
fully expect many of them to go on and do much better
than me at the sport.

I want people to recognize that just because Guru X
says this is the perfect thing to do with your horse,
it may not really be so! It may indeed be right. But
it may be wrong. I learned after a horrendous accident
when I trusted an "expert" that I know my horse and
know what his limits are.

I won't take on outside horses for training becuase I
take too long! No one would pay me to work with a
horse for a year like I've worked with my filly. they
want the same amount of training to occur in 30 days. 

I disagree that a horse needs to be worked an hour
every day. I think that is TOO MUCH for some horses,
especially young ones early in their training. I think
15 or 20 minutes of good quality work is much better
than an hour or two of struggling with a horse.

That is one of my disagreements with Anderson. he
doesn't stop, he keeps drilling a horse over and over.

I also think horses need time off. It helps their
attitudes immensely.

Anyway, the things I say here are MHO and MHO only.
Feel free to disagree with me. I just know what I've
learned in 40+ years of horsekeeping and how little
that is compared to what there is to know!

--- Ed Kilpatrick <whytrtfarms@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
and now chris, you have heard the third reaction
from someone has done a three day clinton anderson
clinic, with my horse, had a marvelous experience,
and learned a lot of good things.  like tina said,
at no time did clinton say you could do this stuff
in fifteen minutes. quite the opposite. it takes
lots of time, and you cant just do it for a while
and quit, either.  clinton was working with his
horse after he got through with the rest of us after
a full 8 hour day,  just to keep her really working
good. he suggested working with your horse four days
a week for an hour or two if you really want good
results.  i work with my horses some on the ground
every time before i ride them.   i was a pretty
decent trainer before i did his clinic.   i am much
better now.  as for the statement that it is just
arena work and wont do any good out on the trail,
you obviously havent seen clinton's obstacle course
work nor have you seen him working with a green
horse out on the trail with obstacles,
 ditches, crossing water, and all the other things
that we encounter doing distance rides. i use these
methods for the same things, and they work very
well.  i have seen lots of horses that had problems
crossing water while doing endurance rides, and the
riders welcomed any advice and help they could get. 
until you have done what i have done, and seen the
results, time after time,  you cant really speak
with authority.    ed

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres
Just because someone tells you that your horse isn't "fit" for
endurance...doesn't mean it isn't, it just means your horse isn't fit to be
"their" endurance horse! Go for it, you never know what you'll accomplish
with that "saddle horse" or "trail horse" of YOURS!
~ Darlene Anderson - DPD Endurance

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[RC] parelli, clinton anderson, dennis reis, natural horse, training, etc., Ed Kilpatrick