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[RC] parelli, clinton anderson, dennis reis, natural horse, training, etc. - Ed Kilpatrick

and now chris, you have heard the third reaction from someone has done a three day clinton anderson clinic, with my horse, had a marvelous experience, and learned a lot of good things.  like tina said, at no time did clinton say you could do this stuff in fifteen minutes. quite the opposite. it takes lots of time, and you cant just do it for a while and quit, either.  clinton was working with his horse after he got through with the rest of us after a full 8 hour day,  just to keep her really working good. he suggested working with your horse four days a week for an hour or two if you really want good results.  i work with my horses some on the ground every time before i ride them.   i was a pretty decent trainer before i did his clinic.   i am much better now.  as for the statement that it is just arena work and wont do any good out on the trail, you obviously havent seen clinton's obstacle course work nor have you seen him working with a green horse out on the trail with obstacles, ditches, crossing water, and all the other things that we encounter doing distance rides. i use these methods for the same things, and they work very well.  i have seen lots of horses that had problems crossing water while doing endurance rides, and the riders welcomed any advice and help they could get.  until you have done what i have done, and seen the results, time after time,  you cant really speak with authority.    ed