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Re: [RC] Dryback pads - heidi

I am wondering if anyone has noticed a big difference between using a
Skito Equalizer regular pad and the dryback version.  The dryback costs
quite a bit more... is it worth it?

I'm trying out one of the prototype dryback pads this year.  My horse had
some specific issues with getting too hot under the saddle the end of the
year last year when he started to hair up.  Prior to that, we were doing
fine with the regular Skito Equalizer pad--the sweat just ran down
underneath.  But the winter hair was holding the sweat in place and kind
of "cooking" him.

He still has his winter hair (it is coming off, but he is still a bit on
the Thelwellian side--we live at 5000 feet, "up nawth" in frozen Idaho),
and we've been riding as weather permits since February.  Just did Home on
the Range on Saturday with the dryback and was really happy with it.  It
wicks the moisture away well.  He is still damp underneath (to be
expected) but isn't sopping wet.  So yes, I think it makes a difference.

Whether the difference is something you need depends on your individual
horse and your circumstances, most likely.  Hubby is still riding other
horses in the regular Equalizer pad just fine.  But since that was a
problem area for the horse I'm riding, yes, I'd say the difference was
worth it.

I WILL be interested to see how much difference there is when we get down
to summer hair.


In my experience (22 year worth) most endurance riders are great people who
will go out their way to help and be friendly.
~  Laura Hayes

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