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Re: [RC] need help? sore back - Chris Paus

Turn your saddle over and look at the bottom of it and
feel it well.. it might need new fleece. It might have
nails poking through...

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. My
gelding got a nasty welt on his lower back and he was
visibly sore. The lump looked like a bug bite that
never would heal...

Finally, I turned over my saddle and felt with my
hand. The sharp tip of a screw was poking through!
Poor guy. I felt awful when I figured out what was
happening. Lucky I did't disable him. It was right on
his spine! It was a screw that held the crupper ring
in place. I removed that screw and his back got
better. It has taken a full year for the lump to go
completely away, but I could tell with the first ride
that he was saying "thank you."

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Help!  Recently (last month or so) my gelding is
visibly showing welts on his lower back after a long
ride.  Back where the saddle ends.  I have used the
same saddle now for two seasons, never any problem. 
I have not changed my breastcollar, so I do not
think the saddle is sliding.  I am thinking that my
saddle has streched out and is now too wide?  Or
would this be a sign or too narrow, putting pressure
on the back part of the saddle?

very frustrated.

and focus will carry you a long way on a horse.
~  Frank Solano

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Chris and Star

BayRab Acres
I still prefer what it is that BH100, Tevis, The Duck's Soup of Endurance,
etc. has to offer...but, to see a horse canter over sand for those
distances...Good Lord, it humbles me.
~  Frank Solano

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[RC] need help? sore back, Ridecamp Guest