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RE: [RC] Florida Cut Throats - Laurie Underwood

Why in the world would you let a very small group of people ruin your
fun?  Life is too damned short, and I doubt you are attending rides to
impress someone.  I say go to the rides, have a good time and don't
worry about what they might or might not think.  Enough of this subject,

Laurie Underwood

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John, I tend to agree with your post and you maybe right this time and
you may also be wrong. I attended the Goethe ride a couple of years ago
and while there I met some very nice people. I also met and observed a
small group of women from Florida that I found to be very rude. As soon
as I read the prior post I knew who these people were talking about. I
will never attend that area again for rides. It is a shame when a small
group of people ruin the fun for the vast majority of people that attend
these rides for the fun of them.

Happy and Safe Trails


Of course things aren't perfect,  perfect doesn't exist on this earth.
Doesn't mean we won't go on trying to get better at what we do. Besides,
everything was perfect today, what would you do tomorrow? Slamming each
other doesn't get anything done.
~  Dot Wiggins

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You don't have to be a 100-mile rider or a multi-day rider to be an
endurance rider, but if you want to experience the finest challenges our
sport has to offer, you need to do both of those.
~ Joe Long

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[RC] Florida Cut Throats, Ridecamp Guest