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Re: [RC] Fencing (now free choice mins) - Mike & Kathy Kelly

Regarding offering free-choice mins..........I liked this idea too and tried if for a few years.  I was always amazed at how much of some of the mixes my horses ate.  But for a few reasons, I've since decided my horses are better off if I get a hay analysis and have a custom supplement made up to balance their diet.  The reasons are:
1)    at least with the ABC mins there are some pretty yummy additives (like alfalfa meal) in many of the mixes that will encourage the horse to eat the mix, and possible too much of it
2)    one of my horses ate alot of the Cu mix (I believe that one is just salt and copper sulfate) - I have no idea why he ate so much (he was also getting a supplement with Cu in it based on my hay analysis at the time and shouldn't have needed any more Cu).  But he also frequently had diarrhea during this time.  I made various feed changes to try and cure his diarrhea, nothing worked until I took away the Cu mix, he's been fine since then.  I think he ate so much of it that he drank alot (cuz of all the salt) and then had diarrhea.
Kathy Kelly
Parks AZ
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From: patty bass
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Fencing (now wood chewing)

please tell me more about these 4 selections. i am a firm believer that  given the choice of what they need the horse will eat it   but... now what selections do  you   put out so they are sure   to have what they need offerred?
Patty Bass
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RE: [RC] Fencing (now wood chewing), Potato
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