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RE: [RC] Wild Horses - David LeBlanc

Tom, please don't make the mistake of thinking that 
"wilderness" is just a non-motorized area.  A wilderness area 
is so tied up in red tape that you can't maintain trails, you 
can't go in to get an injured person out, you can't manage it 
for grazing or horseback riding--nothing!  I'm right smack up 
against wilderness areas where I live, and they are NOT 
places where you can go and have the kind of "wilderness 
experience" that you had. 
They are locked-up wastelands of down timber, they are fire 
hazards, and they are nigh on impossible for the average 
citizen to access and enjoy.

There's wilderness that we ride through up near Salmon La Sac. It's
absolutely gorgeous. Incredible trails, and nothing built by people anywhere
you can see. I don't think the part we ride through has been logged but

You can maintain the trails, just not with power equipment. This does make
it harder - you have to drop back to techniques used 50 to 100 years ago.

I do agree with you that not all of the restrictions make sense - for
example, they ought to be able to bring in a helicopter to get injured
people out.

What I think we need is something between wilderness and taxpayer funded
tree farms. Maybe a recreational area designation that only allows certain
activities, but not as restrictive as wilderness. I find it ironic that a
national park is less restrictive than wilderness. There might be ways
already on the books to do this.

There's an area near here that might get marked wilderness. It is a good
candidate - good bit of old growth in there. The thing that bugs most people
is that we have a nice trailhead we'd lose because they'd take out the road
that gets you there. It would make riding up there a lot harder - fairly
well limit things to people capable of overnighting and maybe endurance
riders if they get up early enough.

REAL endurance is your water freezing IN the cantle bags!
~ Heidi Sowards

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Re: [RC] Wild Horses, heidi