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Re: [RC] Wild Horses - heidi

PS:  The pesky four-wheelers keep pushing further back into the
backcountry and widening trails and leaving debris and litter.  I know
that others may disagree, but the tracks and litter reinforces my
opinion that we need more non-motorized areas and more wilderness.
Enough of the world has been yielded to the internal combustion engine.

Tom, please don't make the mistake of thinking that "wilderness" is just a
non-motorized area.  A wilderness area is so tied up in red tape that you
can't maintain trails, you can't go in to get an injured person out, you
can't manage it for grazing or horseback riding--nothing!  I'm right smack
up against wilderness areas where I live, and they are NOT places where
you can go and have the kind of "wilderness experience" that you had. 
They are locked-up wastelands of down timber, they are fire hazards, and
they are nigh on impossible for the average citizen to access and enjoy.

I agree that some regulation of ORVs is much needed in many places, but
please, please, please don't suggest that even more of this state be
locked up into wilderness areas.


The very essence of our sport is doing the trail as quickly as practicable,
while keeping one's horse fit to continue.  Taking the clock out of the
equation makes it another sport altogether.  The challenge is how to keep
the sport what it is while honing our skills (both as riders and as those
in control roles) in detecting where "the edge" is for each horse so that
we don't cross it. 
~  Heidi Smith
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[RC] Wild Horses, tom noll