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[RC] LA Times Hopkins Story: Long trail of lies - Bette Lamore

The LA Times and Bobbie Jo Lieberman said:

When Disney spun the movie 'Hidalgo' as 'based on a true story,'
began to fly. Was its hero, Frank T. Hopkins, for real -- or a total

By Bobbie Lieberman For the Times

February 17 2004

In the deep shadows of the stippled dunes, a solitary figure silently
prepares for an epic journey that will begin at first light. Frank T.
Hopkins has brought his plucky mustang, Hidalgo, across the ocean to
against the world's finest Arabian horses on their own ground. All around
him, pale robes that shield the Bedouins from dust, sand and heat swirl
butterflies. But doughty Hopkins wears the clothes of the Old West:
dungarees, jacket, boots and Western hat. Hidalgo carries a stout Western
saddle and gear.

The complete article can be viewed at:


Well, I read it.

It is wonderful, Bobbie Jo.  Absolutely wonderful.
You *nailed* it!

I particularly like how you avoided falling into the trap of
doing nothing but quoting the O'Reilly's.  I hadn't heard
of the research that the Kellogg Ranch Library had done
into the story.  Their curator put it exactly right:  the
*only* primary source for Frank Hopkins' story is
Frank Hopkins!

You done good, girl!

Disney still clearly thinks they can keep up the
"true story" promotional angle with impunity.
I don't think they are taking into account the
reaction of the Arab press.

"It's a small world, after all!"


Linda B. Merims
Norris, TN

...but then, I do ride my horses a lot more than most people
~  Karen Chaton

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Common sense should also be a part of the decision making process. If you
see someone who doesn't have any, hand them your tool box.
~ Lisa Salas - The Odd Farm

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