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[RC] Egypt: epilog - Merri Melde


All the stories, or 'stories,? from the past 2 weeks, are true, or
'true,? to the best of my knowledge or listening or observations,
unless I was really tired or my senses overwhelmed. They may or may
not be the same opinions of the editor/s.

My conjectures for the 1st annual Egyptian Dashur Dawdle were a bit
off base. In conclusion, almost everybody seemed to appreciate us
being there to help; it all seemed to go relatively smoothly
considering we do things a bit differently here in the US and nobody
was familiar with our procedures; there weren?t so many hot shoes as I
predicted; and with 18 of 26 finishing, that was a high percentage
according to Maryanne, and no horses were treated. A fun, successful
day! Let?s do it again next year! (Hmm - maybe Harry will be

11 dogs, 2 cats, 6 horses, 6 birds, 2 turtles, was the final count of
Maryanne?s menagerie. I think. But I will never really be absolutely
sure nor convinced.

Thanks to all new friends in Egypt who showed us what fine hospitality
endurance riders and horsemen and women are capable of, anywhere in
the world. That of course especially applies to Maryanne, who took 4
strangers (2 TOTAL strangers in Tracy and me) into her home during the
worse possible time while moving, and, when she found out what we were
like, STILL put up with us! Thanks to Morad for the horse ride of my
life.  And thanks to the Teeters, because it?s really Steph and John?s
fault that I ended up in Egypt.

Salaam aleikum till the next trip.


===========================================================The whole ride 
experience can be very hard, and at times you question why
you put yourself through such abuse. But then you remember all those
moments when you pop up over a hill and are suddenly surrounded by the most
stunning views.  It's just you and your horse and for a moment time stops
and you can hear the angels sing.  Therein lies the addiction, at least for
~  Leslie Beyers

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