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[RC] Vet question: Allergies/feed/shots and AERC - Sundaez

I just cant seem to find out muchinfo on allergy shots and horses. How new are the shots? I have TWO horses going through Hyposensitivity shots.
First question: Can I feed the foods that the horses are allergic to since they are getting shots.
Second question: Can I give a shot the day before a ride or even on ride day. My vet says it is safe. Right now both horses are on the every other day schedule and it gradually tapers down. I want to do a ride but have a shot scheduled the day before a ride. The shots are subcue and NOT a  drug....but something exposure to the allergens.
Third Question: Is there ANY good source out there to answer these questions on my own. I have one of these horses sold but no vet around here seems to be too familiar with the shots. I need to inform my buyer. My vet is out of town for 10 days.
Fourth Question: What do you feed an endurance horse that is allergic to alfalfa, wheat, molasses, corn, oats, soy products and cottonseed. Beet pulp, rice bran and Bermuda just is not enough. Anyone feed straight barley and if so how much. Is it a hot feed? What is a good stemy hay that is in Southern Cal besides oat that has enough nutrients in it for an endurance horse.
OK...I'm desperate. This list is my only hope as it is the only one that knows what it is talking about.