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[RC] Tightness of Boa boots - Kristi Schaaf

Terry wrote: The tongue is a little stiff when they
are new, so be sure to crank them on snugly at the
beginning of the ride.

Terry (and anyone else using Boa boots): I have a
question for you. The directions indicate that you
should be able to insert a finger deep enough along
the side of the boot to touch the horse's coronary
band (or something to that effect). But I found that
in order to do that, I have to leave the boots loose
enough that the tongue has the same appearance as the
tongue on a pair of teenage boy's clunky basketball
shoes that he didn't lace up in order to look cool.
I've only had them on my horse once, and didn't dare
tighten them any more because the directions are
pretty adamant about that. But are those of you using
Boa boots finding that you can/should tighten them so
the tongue isn't sticking practically straight up?
Kristi (who is tempted to put a basketball jersey and
sweatband on my horse - it would make a great
Halloween costume with the Boa boot 'sneakers'). 
iluvdez at yahoo dot com   

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Arabians were bred for years primarily as a war horse and those
requirements are similar to what we do today with endurance riding. 
~  Homer Saferwiffle

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