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[RC] Stallions at rides - Lori Bertolucci

Okay Ridecamp, here is one we haven't discussed recently...lest ways I don't remember it!
This past weekend did the Save Our Trails ride at Lake Los Angeles. Great ride and wonderful weather. Super help by the volunteers. And, before anyone asks, yes, I did discuss this stallion problem with the ride management after the ride, and they weren't aware of the whole problem, but were definitely taking steps to see that is didn't happen again.
A stallion was brought to the ride. Now that isn't the problem as there was another stallion and a jack that were very well behaved. The problem stallion broke loose, not once but twice! First time as everyone was saddling for the beginning of the ride. The stallion came into our camp, followed eventually by his owner, terrorizing our horses and trying to pick a fight with a gelding belonging to a friend. We at the time weren't fully aware he was a stallion, tho we asked, the owner didn't offer the info nor answered our questions. We just knew he was a problem. He tried to kick his owner as she approached him and took off thru our camp. She never made comment,  nor apologized for her stallions behavior. He was eventually caught. When he was in our camp he had only a halter on, making me believe he probably broke the snap to his lead rope.
Later that nite, about 12:30am, I was awakened along with several others, to the scream of a stallion. I knew that sound and flew out of bed. Here was the same stallion, and he was dangling the remains of a cotton rope from his web halter. Again, here was the same lady trotting behind him, dragging a lead rope just like this morning. Another lady was there and I warned her the stallion would kick. She made no comment and it turns out she was with the owner. The stallion came into our camp where our friends had just left a few hours earlier. The stallion could smell that a mare had been there and was doing his stallion best to get her scent. The owner was then able to catch him. But when she asked him to follow her he refused and held his ground. She was obviously having trouble getting him to go. Her friend that had followed her was crooning to the stallion patting his shoulder and making sure his pulse rate wasn't too high! Here was a large stallion, being obnoxious and creating problems, and they were worried about his pulse rate!!
My boyfriend had about enough of of them when no apology was forthcoming for disrupting our camp again and asked if they even had a clue about stallions. The owner said she knew about stallions, just not how to tie one. He asked her is she had a stud chain, and like a light bulb came on she replied that was a good idea and would tie him with it.
She eventually got the stallion to move out of our camp and again, not a thank you, sorry or kiss my - - -.
Now my question is...are there any rules in place for stallion owners at rides? Are we wrong in thinking a person bringing a stallion should be sure this stallion is well broke and controllable, BEFORE he is brought to a ride?
The ride management is going to make sure warnings are in place the next time that a ride is put on, but is there anything AERC has in place?  She asked us about that and did say she was going to check.
What have other RM's done to ensure this doesn't happen at their rides?
Thanks for listening to my gripe!
And if you get a chance to do one of Suellen's rides, go! It was so well done!!
Lori B.