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Re: [RC] 1000 mile horses-dime a dozen? miles per dollar ordollars - Karen

I remember many years ago, my husband thought that I probably shouldn't get a horse, because he assumed that it would become like most of our neighbors horses "pasture ornaments", and actually believed that if I got a horse I would not 'use' it. Oh how I bet he wishes my horses were more ornamental now!!! hehehe

I once figured out the cost per mile. For some of my friends we were averaging between $4 and $8; I'm sure it's more than that now, and of course without figuring in all of those extra things like trucks and trailers. I think this is the reason why Trilby rides slow, she has figured out her cost on a per hour basis, rather than per mile. I'm sure that based on that, the therapy we would all need instead makes endurance riding a bargain. I just figure my horses are worth their weight in gold. To me, anyway. :*)

in NV
 (12,000+ miles later) :^)

REAL endurance is dressing for 20 degrees in the AM and by noon its 85
~ Heidi Sowards

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