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RE: [RC] 1000 mile horses a dime a dozen? - heidi

That's why there's lots more 5000 mile (and up) riders than horses -
people can compete for more years. It doesn't explain why more horses
have made between 1000 and < 2000 miles than riders. This is
interesting, because it is the opposite of what I'd expected - a person
can hit 1000 miles on 5 200 mile horses, which isn't exactly an
achievement. I'd have expected to see more riders than horses at every

Well, think of it at a different magnitude.  A 10k rider can ride five 2k
horses, or ten 1k horses...  Odds are the high mileage riders rode lots of
horses, but by the same token, with the exception of the infamous year of
the mileage race, most of them aren't keeping a dozen horses going to get
to 20 rides a year--they are getting at least a k or 2 on most of the
horses that they ride.


One would think that logic would prevail. But then, if logic did prevail,
men would ride sidesaddle. 
~  Bob Morris

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Re: [RC] 1000 mile horses a dime a dozen?, heidi
RE: [RC] 1000 mile horses a dime a dozen?, David LeBlanc