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[RC] possible stolen horses found in Washington State/paints/palomino stud - heidi sowards

7 abandoned horses at the Clark County fairgrounds in
Ridgefield Washington. They were abandoned last Wed. night,
the Sheriff impounded them yest.  They hadn't had any food
or water for days! 4 dogs were also impounded, locked into
the person's horse trailer, no food, no water, feces all
over them. A person claiming to own them came to get them
last night, weird stories, weird enough to have the Sheriff
not let them go. Travelling supposedly from California,
delivering horses to Washougal and Winlock Washington,
didn't know to whom he was delivering the horses,
supposedly was to contact "someone" at arrival in the town,
then a friend of that contact was to meet and pick up some
of the horses. The Sheriff asked to call the new "owners",
the driver wouldn't do it. There is a palomino stallion,
kind of nice, a sorrel mare, underweight, a yearling colt,
ulcerated eye, very underweight, a grulla paint,
underweight, wormy, another paint and I'm not sure what
else. I saw them, the fair is taking care of them with
donations. They are pretty hairy, which makes me think they
didn't come from California like the driver indicated. The
dogs had a weird story too. 4 American eskimo's and a
smallish brown/black dog. None of the guy's stories matched
up and I seem to recall a post on some stolen horses not
long ago. Please cross-post. I feel that they are stolen.
They are announcing the horses on our local news. Is there
a stolen horse board I can post to?

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