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Re: [RC] [RC]Response to Ms Fager - Maureen A. Fager

The rider was not an AERC member and so could not be sanctioned. What the AERC does with the reports I do not know.
Reno, NV

From: Onefarmgirl@xxxxxxx
To: trottin27@xxxxxxxxxxx
CC: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC]Response to Ms Fager Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:39:15 EST

In a message dated 2/14/2003 6:12:44 AM Pacific Standard Time,
trottin27@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> What was there to protest? That a moron rode a horse to death??

As I understand it, the current concern is to have made public what steps
were taken in response to the protest.  Or to the "concerns" expressed by
individuals who were there and witnessed events.  Our Endurance News
ordinarily does a great job reporting outcomes of protests, some seemingly
much less significant than this one.

So.... what was the outcome?  Was the rider sanctioned?   Reprimanded?

And, on a larger scale, presumably the factual data was reported to AERC, and
is now part of a data base r/t equine deaths. Unfortunately members
apparently are having difficulty accessing this information. This (I
believe) is Jim Holland's issue.

As noted by another reader, it's the absence of information that contributes
to confusion.

pat farmer

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