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[RC] Older Horses/Small Horses - T'Lara Joy Freedom

I'm all for smaller horses (I'm 5'3").

One of my smaller horses was about 14:2, a paint grade mare. She could turn around inside herself, spin on a nail head, and was she fast! So nimble, so athletic. Do anything for me. Go all day, anywhere I asked, anything I asked. I loved her to pieces.

Another was my Apache Dell, an Appaloosa. Everything I said about the mare holds for him, too. He could almost turn around in his half of a two-horse trailer. In fact, I had to be careful about that, because he would try, then get stuck! I got Apache when he was 8 and the only difference in him when he was 18 was that we knew each other a whole lot better and he had a whole lot more experience.

I miss them both more than I can say.

And yes, it's not so far to the ground when you come off unexpectedly! I remember the first time I was bucked off a 17 hand horse (mine). I actually had time to think, "When am I going to hit the ground?" - WHUMP! On the shorter horses, you hardly realize you've come off and you've hit the ground already.

And let's not forget how much more work it is to groom those big horses - you need a stool - there's so much horse height and length! And tacking up! Ugh. Lift that saddle over your head.

The horse I have now is 15:1, and I thought twice before buying him, because of his height. And I notice the difference in size and height every time I'm with him. He's a good boy, though, which is why I bought him, after all.

T'Lara Joy Freedom
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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