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[RC] trucks - Kathie Ford

Hello, with my husband being an auto tech though I'd jump in here too.  He prefers the Fords and in test driving some Dodges was a little disappointed. 
Bottom line he said was one had "more low end" on had "more top end" and boiled it down to preference.
He has a guy he works with that Purchased a brand new Chevy to pull his sundowner GN three horse.  Was fine for a couple of months then discovered a vibration he didn't like.  They took it apart several times and couldn't find out what was wrong.  An year later, he is in litagation with the dealer over it as they refuse to replace the truck. 
In the meantime, he purchased a brand new Ford diesel and turns out he has the same complaint. 
Now he has two payments and stuck with two trucks he doesn't like (his friend not my husband)
Now he has double problems!
Anyway, my husband is a fan of Fords that have the powerstroke engines, from l997 up.
He says 97 was actually one of the best years.  He likes some Dodges, and prefers the manual tranny, which he still can't get me to drive...I don't like em, but I know they are better. 
I think it boils down to preference and need.  If you do your "homework" you can most likely find something suitable.
With the new registration issues ($$) and rediculous smog requirements now my husband prefers the older models and rebuilds them.  They run better, you can build what you want and not state issues.  Plus, there is room under the hood to work.  That is his biggest pet peeve.  It is really difficult for these poor guys to work on these cars and trucks no a days.  There is no room and they are extremely technically designed and tempermental.
Just IMO only and just for conversation sake...I'm not making any claims one way or another.  I personally just want something strong enough and safe enough to pull my sorry butt and my beloved horses!  lol

ps..The V10 is very very strong but the gas usage is a real bummer.  My neighbor has a Dodge V10 and loves it.  Never, never had a problem.  Pulls my three h/sland loaded like nothing even up hills!  Just the gasoline issue...

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