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[RC] [Guest] mustangs - Ridecamp Guest

Denise sparrowhawkd@xxxxxxxxx

This is just a little story that really shows the spirit of these
magnificent horses.

I recently bought yet another mustang. This time it was a grey, 7-year old
mare from Wyoming. I had been warned that older mustangs were difficult, but
I felt like I could handle it. I was wrong. I bought her in September, and 4
months later I could pet her nose. That was about it. So I called up Wess
Hicks, a local horse trainer, and begged him to train her for me. He agreed,
but he said he was only taking on a mustang, which he had swore he would
never do again after the last one we sent him, because he knew that I would
ride her every day when he was done and his work wouldn't be wasted. So we
trailered her over to his place, and two weeks later I brought home a
somewhat jumpy, but nevertheless basically rideable horse. That was last
Sunday. Yesterday I took her on her first trail ride. One thing that both
amuses and irritates me is that she is anti-barn sour. Her whole attitude
will change if you turn towards home. If she things she's going back to the
barn, she will slow down considerably, and try to turn off the trail or
stop. On another not, In the time I've had her she has never tried to kick
or buck. Nope. Not at all. Mustangs are not by nature aggressive horses.
Moral of the story is: Mustangs(especially older ones) take a huge amount of
time and skill, which most people don't have. But they have an incredible

My other mustang is a little brown mare from Nevada. I got her when she was
two, and she was under saddle in 3 months. Don't let her size fool you. This
horse is incredible. She is amazingly sure-footed, takes to hills like a
mountain goat(in fact, I once convinced somebody she was half-mountain
goat), and can RUN. I have had people who didn't know any better challenge
me to a walking race. Oops, they didn't realize she was gaited. So they
challenge me to a trotting race. She can easily put out a good 12mph trot.
So they challenge me to a drag race. This horse has incredible speed,
sprinting, and staying power. I have had many tell me she has a heart of
gold. Or that I should realize how lucky I am, because she would do anything
for me. But I do realize. The bond between us is nothing to joke about.
Moral of the story: Mustangs are incredible athletes, and they will forge
incredible bonds with their human partners.
On a side note, I ride my horses in a sidepull. My grey mare has never known
a bit.
Look for us in the Midwest doing the 50-mile rides this year. Look for the
kid with the two mustangs with mohawked manes.

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