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Re: [RC] Improving the walk, was pacing anglo - Truman Prevatt

He may not have the walk in him. I  know a Grand Prix level dressage rider who will tell you that you can teach the trot but the walk has to be there. Some of it is conformation.  

But you answered your question in yoour third and fourth sentence - you don't make him walk. One way is, if he has the ability to have a good walk, to take him out with horses with good walks and make him walk. Don't let him trot to catch up. It was take some cooperation with the other person to keep the walk speed just out of reach with your horses. If you have a friend with a good walking horse, that would be a good candidate for a training partner. You have to get him to relax, get the head down, round and drive from his hind end to get it. As he gets stronger and more confident you can let the other horse increase his walk speed. But you got to make him walk to build up the walk. This will take time and effort.

You can also use the trick that "we got to walk home."  They normally want to get home faster so if you make them walk they will walk faster.

Another option is a good dressage instructor that will concentrate on his walk. Could take up to a year, but it will be worth it.

The Jbird has a good walk - especially for an Arab - because in his younger days he rode with the big Black Bitch who could walk most horses into the ground. We just slowed her up a bit and make him walk to keep up - no jogging ro trotting to catch up. The Jbird also had about a year's worth of dressage. She got her big walk because she is a walking horse with a huge walk to start with and we did three years of dressage and jumping lessons with her to boot.  The other Arab is built to walk and has a pretty good one but we don't let him trot to catch up either and he's also had dressage training.


Jennifer Judkins wrote:

Barbara, How DO you teach a horse to lengthen in the walk.  I have an Anglo-arab, walks slower than molasses.  Can't stand it!  We almost never walk cause its too damn slow.  He just mosies along, other horses pass, then he trots to catch up.  Should mention he has about 8 different speeds in the trot, from relaxed jog to full out extended, 'you can't catch me' trot.  I've ignored the walk for the most part, but have always wondered if it could be improved upon.  Thanks, Jennifer.


[RC] Improving the walk, was pacing anglo, Jennifer Judkins