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Re[2]: [RC] E-SE Redo - Roger Rittenhouse

I believe Susan's comments sum up the E-Se issue?
After I use the current supply  of Uckele E-Se (or sell it?) :),
I will get the plain Se supplement from Uckele and the super size jar of Vit
E gel caps
At least that way I can control the amount of each they all get.

Here is one more question, what about the different forms of Se. From
what I can determine from labels MOST mfgrs do not tell you the form
of Se. Some use a yeast culture,  one says sodium selenite - so does it really
matter that much. I think MegaSel uses a very absorbable liquid form.
I do know that product works well. I increased the blood Se from 95 to
180 in one month with 2 oz per day.

Roger R

I was advised - my comment about the oxidation of Vit E was not fully
The rate of oxidation - and lose of benefit- depends on the type of
Vit-E used in the powder mixes.

SG> That's true, some forms oxidize faster than others.  But your original
SG> comment via Sarah Ralston is still more or less true for practical purposes.
SG> The more any form of vitamin E is exposed to light, heat and air, the faster
SG> it will oxidize and thus be unavailable to the horse as an antioxidant once
SG> ingested.

I understood ALL forms of VIT-E   are' oxidizers"  - that is, they
function the same.

SG> Correct.

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[RC] E-SE Redo, Roger Rittenhouse
Re: [RC] E-SE Redo, Susan Garlinghouse