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Re: Re[2]: [RC] E-SE Redo - Susan Garlinghouse

Here is one more question, what about the different forms of Se. From
what I can determine from labels MOST mfgrs do not >tell you the form of
Se. Some use a yeast culture,  one >says sodium selenite - so does it really

As a general rule, chelated minerals (a mineral ion bound to an amino acid)
are more biologically available than inorganic forms (two mineral ions, such
as sodium and selenium).  However, even the inorganic form of selenium is
about 77% absorbed in horses, so in this case, chelation or exact form isn't
a big issue.

matter that much. I think MegaSel uses a very absorbable liquid form.
I do know that product works well. I increased the blood Se from 95 to
180 in one month with 2 oz per day.

I think that's a more telling statement than anything in the textbooks.
There are some physiologic circumstances, such as chronic deficiency as
Heidi mentioned, that affect initial absorption.  Also, selenium deficiency
can also exacerbate other mineral imbalances (ie, if memory serves, a Se
deficiency enhances iron toxicity in foals).

Susan G

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